Winter 2015/2016

As 2016 has quickly arrived, tax organizers will be mailed to prior year clients to assist  in organizing their tax information.  

As it always seems, the ultimate resolution of various tax issues is not known at this time making tax preparation all the more difficult.  Attendance at seminars, use of current tax software and various resource materials are all avenues used to help in preparing your returns based on the current laws.     If you would like to become a client, please call early in the filing season to facilitate scheduling and to receive a tax organizer.

Potential new clients please call early.  Your call is welcomed.  If you are looking for a new preparer, your call is welcome.  The hope is to become a trusted preparer for you every year.

Business client news

If you operate a business, you will be contacted to discuss your scheduling and other matters related to your work.  If you are not a client, but would like more information on the services that can be provided, please call to discuss.


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